Here is a list of the most used forms. These can be found on the website:


The new "GSNNJ TOOLS TO LEAD" Procedures Guide is a meant to help guide leaders, current and new, through the polices and procedures for Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey. 

The "Tools to Lead" guide is available at


The "LEADER/CO-LEADER AGREEMENT" form is to be completed by each adult who will serve as a leader or co-leader of a Girl Scout troop/group. Leadership cannot be approved until appointed by the Service Unit Manager in partnership with council Membership staff and the Leader/Co-leader agreement form has been completed. This form may be completed as part of New Leader Orientation.  Bring this signed form to the leaders' meeting, or email it to Rose Anne at

This form is available here


The "Annual Permission/Child Release Permit/Self Driving Certification/Needs Assessment Form" needs to be filled out every year, and it is valid for the school year. It must be returned to troop leaders prior to any field trip or overnight trip.

This form is available at


A PERMISSION SLIP must be collected from each girl prior to any field trip or overnight trip for which there is no Annual Permission Form, or for which the annual form does not apply.  The leader should bring the permission forms to the event.

TGAA FORM (Troop Group Activity Approval) 

No Troop/Group Activity Approval forms (TGAA) are required for troop day trips that are within the State of New Jersey, low-risk, and when all the participants are registered Girl Scouts. TGAA is not needed for GSNNJ Council-sponsored and LINK events.

For clarifications about the need for a TGAA reach out to Rose Anne Weissel at as soon as you start planning your trip, or at least two weeks prior for approval.

You must always have an Emergency Contact Person plus a First Aider, Life Guard, or Water Watchers as needed.

· Troop Trips for Overnight/Camping/Adventurous Activities, please submit TGAA to Rose Anne Weissel at two weeks prior for approval. Please attach list of attendees (including adults) or troop roster from GSNNJ Volunteer Systems.

· For trips lasting more than two nights, also complete and submit an the "Troop or Service Unit Trip/Activity Application" form available at . This form is not needed for three nights on weekends that include an official federal holiday.


Any activity where the girls will be receiving money, such as Lemonade Stand, Garage Sale, Bake Sale or similar requires a Money-Earning application be filled out and approved by the Service Unit Manager.  She must then send it to Council for further approval. Participation in GSNNJ product sale programs doesn't need an application. 

Apply to conduct a Money-Earning activity using the "Money-Earning Application" form available at Money-Earning activities cannot take place during council product sales (nuts and magazines, cookies).  Apply well in advance - it may require review by a committee at Council.


PLAN 2 INSURANCE must be purchased to cover any non-members attending a Girl Scout activity.  It is very low-priced, something like 11 cents per non-member per day.  Examples would be an adult-girl square dance, or babysitting services at the library.  Non-members may never attend Girl Scout events which include an overnight - this includes adults, even girls' parents!

The "Plan 2 Insurance" form available at

Contact Rose Anne Weissel if you have questions about the need for this insurance.


It is required that places visited by Girl Scouts be covered by a Certificate of Insurance (COI) which includes liability insurance.  Please visit for the latest "COIs on File Using Outside Facilities" file at council to determine if there is a COI on file there.  If not, you may need to obtain a certificate of insurance coverage from the location you plan to visit. 

There are certain places that will ask a visiting troop to provide them with a COI (Certificate of Insurance) from the Girl Scout Council (GSNNJ).  A Girl Scout COI can be requested using the "Certificate of Insurance Request from GSNNJ" form that can be found at  Simply fill this form out, and email it to the responsible person at the Paramus GSNNJ service center listed on the form. 


Each troop must submit an online FINANCE REPORT with a year-end financial statement by June 15th. Just log onto "My GS" on the website and follow the prompts.

For more information on the 2019-2020 Finance Reports, please review this page


Present the NJ TAX-EXEMPT CERTIFICATE  form to any retail store to be exempt from paying NJ sales tax when purchasing items for your Girl Scout troop or the Allendale Service Unit.  Service Unit purchase reimbursements will never include any sales tax paid by the purchaser.

TIP: Always keep a copy of this certificate in your car's glove compartment.


With Service Team approval, the cost of supplies purchased for town-wide events and annual Troop Tasks may be reimbursed by the Allendale treasurer. The service unit's annual budget lists spending guidelines for each event.  Please contact the service unit Treasurer for more information.

Attach the purchase receipt to a sheet of paper with your name and address and an explanation of your purchase and mail or leave at the mailbox of Natalie Capano ( at 39 Stonefence Rd, Allendale. 

Note: Always use the NJ TAX-EXEMPT CERTIFICATE as sales taxes paid will NOT be reimbursed.